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Excluding businesses, the areas surrounding Rustenburg are mostly made up of mining and farming related activities. This then has resulted in the corporation attending to claims mostly in the following fields


    Motor accident damage claims (excluding theft investigations)


Non-motor claims :

2.1 House owners (building damage etc)

2.2 House contents (burglaries and events covered in terms of the policy, eg. water, storm and the like)

2.3 All Risks

2.4 Pivots (and other farming related equipment, eg. coldrooms etc.)


Business Insurance :


  • Fire claims
  • Building damage
  • Goods in transit
  • Money
  • Electronics
  • Business all risks
  • Motor internal/external
  • Theft





    These claims are dealt with as follows :

    (1) Initial assessment of the damage

    (2) Meeting with builders/contractors and negotiations entered into regarding repair/rebuilding

    (3) Forensic, police and fire brigade reports are obtained from authorities where necessary

    (4) In consultation with insurers, opinion of a structural engineer is obtained when relevant (referring to possible subsidence claims, soundness of remaining fire damaged structures, roof specialists and the like)

    (5) Value at risk is established taking into consideration building rates relevant to the area

    (6) Loss of rent is attended to – if applicable

    (7) Quotations are obtained in respect of contents possibly affected due to the event

    (8) Proof of ownership is required in all instances

    (9) Insurers are updated on the progress of the claim at regular intervals

    (10) Should it be established that the loss is due to wear and tear (eg. water damage etc.) the insured will be informed and will be reflected in our report.

    (11) Possible salvage is dealt with in line with Insurers’ policies and internal arrangements with salvage houses





    These are dealt with as follows

    (1) Meeting with the insured

    (2) Establish value at risk – if applicable, the services of a sworn valuator will be obtained in order to do a proper valuation of contents

    (3) It is the practice at this corporation to keep the broker informed of  the progress of claims in order to discuss with the insured in order to retain the business (especially problematic claims which may result in the loss of business to the broker)

    (4) Proof of ownership will be required from insured at all times in order to validate the claim and as required by insurers

    (5) Quotations are requested from suppliers and negotiations entered into regarding discount to insurers in respect of replacements.

    (6) Police and Armed response services are contacted and the necessary confirmation of the loss is obtained.





    (1) In our area it is absolutely vital to have a running vehicle as there are very limited means of transport eg. trains, bus services, etc.

    (2) Considering that a large majority of people are employed in the mining industry, appointments are arranged which suit them best as many people work underground.

    (3) Claims are attended to as per our agreements with various insurers.

    (4) Reassessments are carried out as per agreements with insurers.

    (5) Upliftment of vehicles are arranged immediately in order to minimize storage costs.